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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Free At Last... Gulp!

We exited the 'Winter of Freeze' more determined than ever to avoid ever needing a winter coat again.. We listed our investment condo for sale in April, thinking it's sale would help finance our move to live aboard. Unfortunately, shortly after listing, there was a pending complex, that were sure to force a nasy special assessment. As a result, the property became poisoned in the eyes of most agents in town. We dropped the price.

As May came, we realized it was time to stop complaining about the winter, and prepare for summer. We started on preparations for the boat. First up was refinishing the bottom. It was a job I was looking forward to about as much as I was looking forward to three root canals, and a prostate exam on the same day! None the less, I set out. Not being one to leave till tomorrow, what I can have someone else do today, I paid someone to sandblast the bottom for me. It was a VERY good spend of $800.

After the bottom was prepped, the job went well, and well, and ok, and... is it done YET??!! We completed it somewhere between the time the Leafs (Toronto Maple) fell, and when the leaves began to fall. Did I mention it's a long process?

As May turned to June, we finally got launched, only to realize out depth gage was no longer working. The popular assumption was the transducer got painted over in the bottom process. A haul out appeared imminent. First, however I chose to start trouble shooting from within. Quickly I discovered that Autohelm instruments were old, and old meant not really worth replacing. I invested in a new Raymarine combo pack, as well as a new GPS unit. I scheduled a haul with the marina, to change out the transducer, and gathered the supplies to make the switch. One hour before I was scheduled to have the boat lifted, the marina called and advised they were double booked, and couldn't help us for about two weeks. No depth instruments in Georgian Bay can be a problem, so we were grounded until a solution could be found. Fortunately, the idea came over me, to try the new depth gage with the old transducer, and behold, it worked! Next up getting the new GPS working.

After tinkering around with various configurations, I settled on mounting it right beside the helm. Then I realized it was supposed to be three feet away from the helm. No worries, I only wasted two days routing the wires to the helm. None the less, we adapted. I also heard of a technique to run the transducer through the hull. It worked for a whole 30 minutes! It was time to sell the boat!

As August approached we still owned two houses, and a boat that was less than ideal for us. The concept of selling Tranquilo and buying a roomier option south of the border started to gain traction. We listed the boat in late July, at a price we could live with, and one we hoped would bring a quick sale. While we were trying to learn a life without deadlines, we set mid August as the drop date to make things happen. One week away from our deadline all seemed lost... we were certain another nasty winter was our destiny. Then the miracle happened. First, the impossible to sell condo sold! Next, we got an offer on the boat. Finally, we got an offer on the house. All within 3 days of each other. A little negotiating, and we were suddenly facing another reality. The reality that in a little over a month, we were homeless, without a plan!

And that story is a good one!

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