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Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Peek Back, Glance Ahead

As our 2013 boating season wound down, we headed out in late September, for a final cruise of the season. First I spent most of the day tweaking this, playing with that, pretending like I actually knew something about diesel engines. We had some company arrive late afternoon, just in time for a quick run up Penetang Harbour.

We started the engines as impressive as any time this summer, and they ran like roaring lions, as we un-did all lines. I pulled the boat out of the slip, and began our snake like route out of the marina. Round the entrance pillars, we ploughed toward the gas docks, for final pump out, and a diesel top up. As we slipped into fuel dock 1, I waited for the adventure. To my surprise, no stall, no threat of stall. No adventure! It was a flawless docking.

A few moments later, we were gassed up, stink free, and ready to give it a final run. Again, as we pulled off the dock, we were excitement free! We headed out into Penetang harbour, and revved up... the engine responded with a determined push. It was like Tranquilo was seeking our commitment to a return in 2014. Guess she had been left at the dock for too long in seasons past, and wanted to ensure we were planning to give her at least one more year.

We continued to the top of the harbour, where we realised it was getting late, and decided to head back in. The trip back to the marina was event free as the route out, and I began to worry that our summer of excitement was coming to an end. I slowed down, put Tranquilo in neutral, and anything else I could, to get a glimpse of the excitement that lied ahead. But Tranquilo wasn't playing.

As we entered the marina, the last dock supported a strip of about 6 boaters, sitting on lawn chairs, having a drink. It was as if they were there to watch an event. Not sure if this was coincidence, or if our reputation preceded us. If the latter, I'm sure they were disappointed.

We slipped round the last turn, into idle, to approach our dock, and nothing... er no stall! Into the dock slip, into reverse for a little burst, and still, no argument from Lady Tranquilo!! It was like a teenager not giving attitude about having to clean his room! I was stunned, pleased, disillusioned, and excited about a season ahead. It reminded me that sometimes boating is fun! We put Tranquilo to bed for the winter, the following week, and prepared her for winter.

Can't wait to tell you more about all the winter preparations in store, and plans for the season ahead!

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  1. Shawn was wondering how things are going haven't heard from you in awhile