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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

St. Kitts and the Monkeys

So nearing the end of our cruise, day 6 saw us visiting St. Kitts, another British protectorate island. Making a quick entrance into the harbour, there was not much to speak of , until we were within sight of the city of Basseterre. Again, houses filled hills surrounding the harbour. This never gets old! We were up early, to get a quick breakfast, and a full day of exploring in. Around us on the dock was a smaller cruise ship, and two large sailing ships. The harbour was also filled with pleasure sail boats.

When we made our way to shore, we came upon a market right off the dock, with shops selling souvineers of every stripe. In addition to layers of shops, and pubs, there was locals hawking picture opportunities with monkeys. While many would argue the monkey pictures are exploitation, we couldn't resist.

After our moment with the monkeys, we searched out a cabbie who would take us to the beach... any beach, every beach! We contemplated taking a train that runs the distance of the island. It offers a train ride one way, catamaran the other. We heard mixed reviews on it, and it was pricey. So cab it was.

We enjoy the flexibility of setting our own schedule, while being guided for a reasonable amount. Originally our plan was to check out a few beaches, including South Friars Bay, and CockleShell Bay, then go to the Marriott Beach Club. We made a quick stop at South Friars Bay, then on to Cockle Shell Bay.

We quickly decided there was no need to go to the Marriott!

We had a few pints, and lunch at the little shack on the beach. There was a larger bar down the way, but it just didn't have the same welcoming atmosphere. There were sea doos to rent, and a volley ball game going on. We chose to relax in the rental loungers, and get a massage for $20! No!  There was no happy endings! The day was more like a happy beginning! From our loungers we could see Nevis, about 4km away. In between there was a sailboat anchored in the bay. I couldn't make out the name on it, but it was rather easy to imagine it said Tranquilo!

We stayed at Cockle Shell Bay until 1:30, then headed back into town. Along the way back we drove past a few new developments going up. St. Kitts has a policy that allows ex-pats to gain citizenship through investment. Perhaps program worth looking into! More on that later.

While we only roamed the south end of the island, we were already impressed with the beauty and friendliness! Many told us that the north end was far more lush and vast, with more populated areas.

When we got back to town we roamed the shops for a while, looking for t's and whatever else we could remember this special place with. We stopped in to a little restaurant over looking cruise dock, before embarkation. As we sipped on our pints of Carib, we got 'the email' from back home. My mother sent word that the final conditions of our offer to purchase the boat had been accepted. Pending a survey, and coming up with money we don't have, we're gonna be boat owners!! This calls for a toast! I think??

St. Kitts was a fitting place to get such a confirmation... we could DEFINITELY see ourselves spending a lot more time there! Being a British Colony... who knows!?
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  1. It's not a British colony anymore - they got their independence in the 1980s. You can't go wrong spending lots of time on the island though!